The vintage decorating trend has more and more followers.

interior decoration for new homes

Feeling good in your new home is very important. Interior design plays a very important role in this. There are a number of tricks you can use to make your home more attractive.

Discover the basics of interior design to enhance your home. And to go even further, trust the expertise of a professional. Decorator or interior designer? Which of the two will help you structure the space? Our advice to arrange your home in a harmonious way.

Ideas for decorating your home, the golden rules

We all dream of a dream decor for our home, but a successful layout requires research. Taste and the love of finding beautiful pieces of furniture are not enough to create a harmonious whole where it is good to live.

First of all, you have to define the style of your decoration, the one that best suits your family. Ethnic, bohemian, minimalist, vintage... It is not a question of mixing different styles together, otherwise there will be a visual mess, but of finding the one that will make your interior vibrate.

Indeed, the harmony remains in terms of materials, materials and colors. The choice of fabrics, curtains, carpets must meet a certain consistency.

On the other hand, the interior designer will advise you to take an element as a starting point. Define your interior design from a piece of furniture, a carpet, a fireplace, etc..

Play with natural light sources

Brightness is very important in a development project. To decorate your home, take into account natural light by giving it priority.

Installations such as bay windows or interior canopies will create a passage of light. French windows will also be a source of light as well as an opening to the outside.

Arrange the furniture according to this light by orienting it in a daring way. In the living room, the sofa will be placed judiciously to take the light or offer a breathtaking view.

And if natural lighting is lacking, you could turn to complementary light sources. Lamps, spotlights, pendants... Artificial lighting also plays a major role in the design of a house.

Colors in a room

In a house, and especially in the common rooms, one will turn more to sober colors such as gray, taupe, beige... White walls will also be used to enlarge the space.

Nevertheless, before choosing your color on a color chart, take into account the typology of the space. How is the room in terms of size, brightness ...? A trendy gray, for example, can dress a room elegantly as well as cool it down.

And to embellish neutral colors, an orange, blue or green wall panel will liven up the atmosphere. Indeed, a light base can be enhanced by a more assertive tone. In order not to fall into the colorfulness, it is advisable to limit yourself to two different colors. Colored notes can also be brought by trendy accessories.

How to decorate your modern house by optimizing space?

As the proud owner of a beautiful home that you discovered on, you have at heart to offer yourself a warm home. To achieve this, home decoration plays a major role. Beyond the objects, it also requires good space management. In fact, it is important to free up floor space so that you can move around the house easily.

In order for the passage areas to allow you to walk around without difficulty, it is important to think about the layout of the place. It must be well thought out so that the space is controlled as well as possible. A minimalist style, i.e. without superfluous items, will facilitate the optimization of the square meters. In this way, large pieces of furniture will be preferred to small ones.

Before falling for yet another wooden coffee table or Scandinavian-style armchair, it is important to ask yourself if this new piece of furniture will not overload the room.

However, minimalism does not mean coldness. To warm up the atmosphere, there is nothing like decorative elements evoking cocooning. A plaid on the velvet sofa, a Berber carpet on the floor, scented candles...

Offer yourself the advice of an interior designer for your interior decoration

The interior decorator works on the existing. The interior designer advises his clients on the restructuring of the space and its optimization. This professional will also propose innovative solutions in the context of a renovation.

Listening to your needs, the interior architect will evaluate the potential of the premises to offer you his ideas and advice on layout and decoration.

The interior architect advice does not stop there since this professional also takes care of the study and design of your home with plan, sketch and cutting plan in 2D and 3D. You can also count on him to define the most appropriate materials and materials for your home.

Finally, the interior designer will accompany you throughout the work, from the choice of craftsmen to the installation of furniture.

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